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So yeah, I'm a 5th year Chemistry major in a lil university in the middle of no where Queerbec. I think all of the chemicals I've wound up inhaling in my labs over the past 4 years has affected me some... causing me to have a whole buncha random thoughts 'n ideas 'n whatnot... It makes for good comicing tho... mebbe too good for me... seeing as it takes me forever to draw one up, so I have tons of ideas for comics, but no time to draw em up... Lately tho they just ain't been coming to me... mebbe I should go and huff some ether in the lab or somethin... heh... that's always fun, but gives a wicked headache afterwards...

Ya gotta hate it when life gets in the way of doing the things you want to...

Oh yeah, I should prolly throw my email on here in case people have questions or comments... you can reach me at thelongestwalk at hotmail dot com

I guess I should talk a bit about the characters too, eh?

This is me and a lot of the things that happen in the comic are things that I've experienced. I'm usually really laid back and tend to just go with the flow. 

Bill is a figment that first appeared when I was stressed out while studying for an exam or something. He is the part of me that is slightly off the wall and kinda crazy. He's impulsive and a bit of a womanizer. Pretty much everything I'm not, he is. There are the few odd people out there who are actually able to see him other than me, I guess, I haven't really thought that whole thing out yet... mebbe someday I'll actually come up with a storyline or something. heh. 

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