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Life v2.0?


Holey sweet crap! I've updated!! its been almost a year. I didn't really expect to go that long without doing any new comics or aything, its just that having two jobs during teh summer then having classes and working and hanging out with my roomates takes up an aweful lot of my free time. In that span I've forgotten the majority of teh tricks and shortcuts that I used to use in order to get my comics to look good and to get tehm done quick... shitty deal. I guess I'll have to relearn them if I wanna get back into comicing again.

Looking back at all the things that have happened in the past while there have been quite a few things I coulda done that prolly woulda made great comics... jeeze if only I'd had the time. There've been quite a few changes in me in that time too... for a very short period of time I had a mohawk (just long enough to get my new student ID with it, then try to spike it up once and failing miserably) then I buzzed off the rest of my hair and well that was something really new that I havent had in years. short hair... I got used to it. Prolly one the most major things that happened was when I wrecked my car... It was a sad day to see Delores go, I may do a tribute to her sometime soon... she was a good car and served me well she just couldnt handle running into the ass-end of an SUV I guess. Other than that my life is pretty similar to the last couple years, cept now I'm not living in Frenchy McCrappington and it doesn't take me 6 hours to visit my folks but just an hour and a half. woo! I'm still kinda a shut in, but not quite as bad, I guess...
I don't know....

Anyways I've had this drawn and half coloured since the summer but I hadn't gotten around to finishing it till now... it's just been sitting there on my desktop for months on end...
I can't really guarantee when I'll get around to doing the next comic, hell, I don't even know how well I'll be able to draw it, seeing as I haven't drawn anything other molecular and atomic orbitals since this last comic. So, yeah don't go holding your breath waiting for my next comic, it might be next week (HA! yeah right..) the week after (mebbe more likely cuz its march break and I'll be here) or most likely it'll be sometime next month or something.

So as not to break with tradition here are a couple of links to some random things I've stumbled on ( my list has really piled up since I last posted :P ) first theres this comedian guy who really hates the riff used in a Pachelbel song and shows how its been following him since he was in elementary school in a whole bunch of differnt songs.
Then theres a really neat solar cooker thing that could save you some money in the warmer months for those of you in the colder climates and seems like a really cool idea for use when camping.
Finally there's this which is just random and I have no idea what to say aboot it...

Anyways I'm done for tonight, sleep is calling me...

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